Samie Bower Official Website


Born as Samuel Saez III, this alternative/melodic R&B songwriter and singer (better known as Samie Bower) — is a crossover of PBR&B to Pop/HipHop; bringing a darker tone within lyrical presentation, while constructing eerie-upbeat tones — born in California, yet raised in the Garden of New Jersey. 


The music on "If You Insist" (Samie’s debut album) belongs to that dark, atmospheric realm of R&B where the line between love and lust barely exists and every relationship is bound towards heartache. The album possesses a tight, sexual tension throughout that reminds of Trilogy-era The Weeknd, while it’s angst-ridden lyrical themes bring to mind Beyonce’s self-titled album from 2013.


As we look at Samie’s persona through the album’s ten tracks, we see a young man who, probably owing to painful experiences in the past, is unable to decide whether to rue or revel in his conflicted feelings about the opposite sex. Take for example, the strikingly upfront F.T.H or, Dorothy Gale – a track where we hear an exasperated Samie trying to understand his lover. Each tale is told over a canvas of mellow, upbeat production featuring thumping hip-hop beats and rattling hi-hats. The result, in the end, is a record that is deeply passionate, often relatable and also catchy enough to play at a club.


Samie's most recent release "New To You" debuted on Mickey Shiloh's BDRM Records for 2019. A video release is TBD.